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We have 3 black females and 2 black males available!

We have 2 black FEMALES  and 1 male available from Aria and Tucker litters born October 11, 2019.  The pups will be ready to go home on Decemeber 6, 2019. 
These puppies are full English. 
Their sire, Tucker,  is very short and stocky. He puts wonderful square heads on all his pups and these three are no exceptions. They are very square. 
Their mom Aria, is on the taller side and has a very bubbly/happy temperament. She is one of the smartest dogs I've ever had the pleasure to train and we excpect great things from her next summer. She is an exceptional first time mommy.  
These pups will be highly trainable and excellent in about any setting.
We are asking  $1200.00  for pet homes.
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We have 1 black boy and 1 black girl available from Rebel and Si. They were born October 25, 2019. They will be ready to go home on DECEMBER 20, 2019. Both Si and Rebel are CHAMPION SIRED! 

These puppies will be the perfect blend of English and American lines! Si is full English, extemely heavy boned and great mild temperament. Rebel is all American with a strong hunting drive from both her hunting champoin parents but she has the ability to turn off the drive and snuggle all evening long on the couch. These pups are a great blend of both worlds and we are so excited about these two we are keeping 2 back for our breeding program!

 We are asking $1200.00 for these lovely boys because of their exceptional parentage.
We may consider full registration as future prospect for both show and hunting programs for  $2500.00 .

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