All puppy picks are taken in the order of deposits received.

To be put on our waiting list we require a down payment of $300.00 as a deposit. We understand sometimes things happen and you may need to switch litters due to timing issues. We request you do this as soon as possible so we can work on finding your original puppy a forever home in a timely manner. Once your puppy is whelped and 6 weeks of age there will be no refund or transferring of your deposit to another litter's waiting list.  

Selecting your Puppy​

Picking out your puppy is the best part. What we do is take deposits on color and gender. If you have a litter preference we can add you to the litter but again picking goes in the order of deposits received. I always keep a current list so everyone knows where they are on the list. If you decide to change color, gender or litter (if selected) you start over at the bottom of the deposit list. The current deposit list is always kept on the planned litter page. Once you select your puppy, that puppy's pictures will come off the available puppies page and we will email you with current pictures and updates once a week until it is time for you to receive your baby. 
I know how excited everyone is about their newest addition but we only do pictures once a week. It can be incredibly time consuming to get good pictures of healthy puppies. When they're awake, they're in perpetual motion. The other 90+% of their days, they sleep as hard as they play. Plus, we have a very active family with many, many activities.

Puppy Visits

We love for families to come visit and meet our dogs. However, safety and health have to be our main concern. So we schedule puppy visits in advance. You can not visit dogs parks, pet store or other animal friendly places 24 hours before coming to our home! This help prevent the spread of germs and viruses. You will be expected to wash your hands and spray Lysol on your shoes before handling the puppies. There will be no puppy visits until the puppies have had their first shots at 6 weeks of age. You may visit the parents anytime but you can not pet the mommies if they are pregnant or nursing (until 6 weeks after birth) for their health and safety as well as the puppies. You can see them through the fence, just no touching. Children under the age of 12 must sit on the floor while visiting the puppies to prevent dropping or stepping on the puppies. If you visit and any of your family members (children included) injure a puppy, that puppy will become your pick and you will be responsible for all medical expenses. 


We put the safety and health of our puppies above convenience and because of that we rarely ship our puppies with airlines. We deliver our puppies personally or we use a pet nanny to fly with them. If we are driving we charge $0.25 a mile. If we have to drive more than 6 hours one way we charge an additional over night charge of $75.00 to cover our hotel expences. 

Pictures, pictures, pictures!

Everyone loves pictures and update but we only have time to updates once every 7-10 days. I would love to take pictures daily however, we have a young family, a lot of dogs and schedules to balance. Picture day is usually hours long once the puppies are up and walking. It is a minimum 2 person job and often it turns into a family event if the puppies are over 8 weeks old. Then I have to spend another day editing those said pictures and emailing or texting every single person pictures of either their puppy or the multiple puppies they are trying to pick from. Then inbetween all this I have to answer phone calls, emails and text messages from all the people inquiring. Plus kids and dogs need fed and the cleaning is a never ending job.
So we humbly ask that you limit your requests for pictures. 

What to feed?

This question is never ending and veryone has an opinion. Personally I like purinia proplan. Yes, it has grains but my family has fed it for over 20 years and not had an issue. 

What are the best toys?

Puppies will love about any toy you give them but after loosing one to a blockage caused by an injested rope toy, I only use Kong toys unless under strict supervision. Labradors are great dogs but they are known as the doggy garbage disposals. They can and will eat anything. So be safe, don't leave toys and puppies alone together. If you notice a toy fraying take the toy away.