All about Rebel!

There is so much I can say about Rebel but there isn't enough room on the page. So I'll summerize. She is sweet as pie, as bold rum and doesn't know a stranger. She is absolutely full of life and would make even the toughest critic smile. 

Rebel is 2x GRHRCH UH Washita's One Hot Tamale MH MNR and her mother was HRCH UH GRCH URX5 UCD UROG IC-CH Go West Mamma's Last Nerve BN PCD CD RAE TKN TKI CGC CGCA CGCU BN RN RNC RNX RA RAC RAX RE REC REX RM RL1/AOE RL2/AOE RL3/AOE RLV/AOE ARCH ARCHEX RLI RL1X RL2X RLVX2 CW-SR1 CW-ZR1 RATI RATN SPOT-ON Total Dog Multiple HIT! This lines behind this girl are amazing!

Rebel is American in Type and temperment and we hope she will add some great hunting drive to our lines. 

Rebel is eeBB

OFA Good hips
OFA normal Elbows

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